Get Fresh

Buy local juice & drink the rewards.

We source out fresh farmer's market produce and create a delicious daily recipe so your juices pop with the flavor and nutrients from best stuff of the season.

This project spawned as a result of the 2013 PayPal BattleHack in NYC.

The iOS Demo Video

Why is this awesome?

1. Local farmers earn revenue for their harvests and hard work. Sustainable, local agriculture is a vital part of the nation's food network, and we're psyched to support it.

2. Juices made from just-picked ingredients explode with flavor and nutritional value. No stale zombie produce that's been in transit for weeks here!

3. Juice fans (YOU!) help share the flavor. After we post the Daily Recipe and Ingredient list, join the JuiceHack with your own signature blends. Winners Get Fresh Fame - and free produce!

4. We love to feed people. All people. And a portion of every sale goes to GROWNYC which helps in distributing to New Yorkers in need.

Pretty fresh, no?

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